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      ”Thank-you, National Hall of Fame, for this great honor”  ~ Ralph Emery 

Public Voting for National Radio Hall of Famers Starts Today

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Contact: Amir Forester, amir@foresterpublicrelations.com Public Voting for National Radio Hall of Famers Starts Today LOS ANGELES, June 20, 2016 – Starting today through June 30, listeners nationwide can vote for their favorite radio personalities in two categories to be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame on Nov. 17, 2016.  The nominees for Music Format On-Air Personality are:  Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton, Tom Kent, The Kevin & Bean Show (Kevin Ryder and Gene Baxter), and Bob Kingsley.  For Spoken Word On-Air Personality, the nominees are Sean Hannity, Mike and the Mad Dog (Mike Francesa and Chris Russo), Diane Rehm and Michael Savage.  From now until 11:59 p.m. ET June 30, fans can text 36500 with their one vote for each Hall of Fame category accordingly: Message and data rates may apply. Music Format On-Air Personality For Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton, text “HOLLYWOOD HAMILTON,” “HOLLYWOOD” or “HAMILTON” to 36500 For Tom Kent, text “TOM KENT” or “TOM” to 36500 For Kevin & Bean, text “KEVIN & BEAN,” “KEVIN” or “BEAN” to 36500 For Bob Kingsley, text “BOB KINGSLEY” or “BOB” to 36500 Spoken Word On-Air Personality For Sean Hannity, text “HANNITY” to 36500 For Mike and the Mad Dog, text “MIKE & THE MAD DOG,” “MIKE” or “CHRIS” to 36500 For Diane Rehm, text “DIANE REHM” or “DIANE” to 36500 For Michael Savage, text “SAVAGE” to 36500 Chairman of the National Radio Hall of Fame Kraig T. Kitchin comments, “The listener response we received last year since reinstituting the public voting process after a five-year hiatus was overwhelmingly positive.  Fans want to engage and be a part of the process, which is a tribute to the dynamic personalities of each show.” Winners of the two categories will be announced July 11.  Fans needing more information can visit each host’s Twitter feed, Facebook page, website, or the National Radio Hall of Fame website: www.radiohof.org. In addition to the two listener-voting categories, there are four categories being voted on by a panel comprised of 400 industry professionals.  For a list of nominees: www.radiohof.org.  Those winners will also be announced July 11.  The induction ceremony takes place Nov. 17 at the home of the National Radio Hall of Fame – the Museum of Broadcast Communications in downtown Chicago.